Amelia Flynn is a certified baby and child sleep consultant based in Goulburn, NSW. When it comes to sleep, there is no ‘one size fits all’ solution.

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My Journey

My Journey to becoming a Baby Sleep Consultant

As a Mum of two beautiful and energetic girls I fully understand and appreciate the importance of restful and restorative sleep, not just for babies and children, but for the whole family. As a newborn, my eldest daughter slept like a dream and my husband and I thought we had lucked out. However, by the time she was eight months old we were absolutely exhausted, taking turns trying to get her back to sleep multiple times a night. She had always fed to sleep and I had successfully relied on that sleep association for months, but when she started to refuse the breast we resorted to rocking, walking, bouncing and putting her in the front pack. We had some success but more often than not she would wake when we transferred her to her cot, and we would have to start the process again.

After many, many sleepless nights and being very close to breaking point we reluctantly came to the conclusion that this wasn’t just a phase and that we needed to reach out for help from a baby sleep consultant. It was the best decision we ever made, not just for the sake of all our precious sleep and sanity, but by doing so I discovered the career I had been waiting for. As a child I always wanted to help others, with this desire staying with me into adulthood. I also wanted to find a vocation that I was truly passionate about, but I was never quite sure how to meld these two aspirations together. Just after my daughter turned one our family moved to Australia and I became pregnant with my second child. Having left my previous career behind when we moved, it felt like the perfect time to study to become a baby and child sleep consultant and pursue a career that brought me meaningful connection and deep satisfaction from helping families in need.